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Event Management Plans

Introduction The concept of an Event Management Plan can be found in early event industry guidance such as the original Event Safety Guide (1999), paragraph 38: “To provide a comprehensive […]

Safety Advisory Groups (SAG)

What is a Safety Advisory Group or SAG? They are usually co-ordinated by a Local Authority (council) and made up of representatives from the local authority such as environmental health, […]

Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting It is important to make thorough records of any accidents, incidents or near misses that happen during the construction, deconstruction or live phase of an event. This is […]

Site Safety Inductions

Why give a site safety induction? It is important to brief people intending to start work or be present on your site to: Ensure they understand the site specific hazards […]

CDM Notifiable Projects

A project is notifiable to the Health & Safety Executive under CDM 2015 if it: Exceeds 30 days on site and 20 workers working simultaneously at any point in the project, […]