Health & Safety for Agencies

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Health & Safety for Event Agencies

Event agencies are designed to produce incredible work on extraordinarily tight timelines and tight budgets. People often say that Health & Safety just gets in the way but if that’s the case you are doing it wrong!

Health & safety is a collaborative process that should positively contribute to the smooth running of any project. With proper planning, health & safety shouldn’t become a hindrance but instead help project teams foresee issues and implement solutions before they jeopardise an event.

You also have a legal duty to ensure that you have the proper risk assessments and safety planning in place, as well as a moral duty to ensure that no one gets hurt when doing their job.

Good safety management can also avoid messy legal action and save you money.

Most importantly, it can help avoid incidents that might result in the show being delayed or even cancelled.

Want some more info? Download our free Event Safety Infographics that explain it in more detail.

How can we help?

We offer an end to end support service for helping agencies make sure they have an effective safety management system in place. We can do a full audit of your current processes that includes a report you can then submit to your directors or board.

We also offer a variety of training courses ranging from specialist courses for your production team to introduction courses for your wider team.

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Try our Event Safety Management Software

Our software streamlines your safety management with our comprehensive safety tool built for the creative industries

  • Event safety plan manager

    Safety plans are organised into projects to allow for easy management of your safety information and your risk assessments.

  • Build a safety plan and risk assessment library

    You can easily import and adapt safety plan sections or risk assessments from previous projects to streamline your safety planning.

  • Import, reuse and adapt templates

    Event Safety Plan includes outline templates for the most common types of safety plan. Import headers from these templates and fill in your information to start creating your safety plan.

  • Guided risk assessments

    We provide step-by-step help for producing event risk assessments with guidance for common event scenarios.

  • Designed for CDM 2015

    Comply with the Construction & Design Management Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) by importing and adapting our Event CDM safety plan templates tailored for the events industry.

  • Export to PDF

    Event Safety Plans can be exported to PDF; ready to send to clients, venues and contractors immediately!

  • Built for Teams

    Create & manage safety documents across your team using your own bespoke templates.

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