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What is an event safety plan?

An event safety plan is a collection of information about how you intend to run a project safely. It can a range from a basic description of the work you are going to do and what measures you are taking to mitigate any risks; to a much larger document detailing everything from how you’ll manage traffic to how you’ll interface with the emergency services.

The concept of an Event Management Plan can be found in early event industry guidance such as the original Event Safety Guide (1999), paragraph 38:

“To provide a comprehensive overview to all these planning aspects it may be helpful to produce an event safety management plan.”

This was confirmed and expanded as part of the 2013 re-write as defined in chapter 2.43 of The Purple Guide (2013):

“It is useful to summarise and consolidate information into a single authoritative document, commonly referred to as an Event Management Plan (the Safety Plan). This will vary significantly in size and detail, depending on the scale and complexity of the event.”

Both documents refer to a number of suggested headings as areas for consideration, and we have included these in the template headings within the app.

There is no ‘approved method’ of creating a safety plan, the important thing is that it’s suitable for the size and complexity of the project. For example a safety plan for a wedding reception in a marquee will be much simpler than a safety plan for a large public event in central London.

You may find that the organisations for whom the the safety plan is written (eg. local councils, the police, clients, venues) will have specific requirements in which case it’s important that you ensure the plan contains all the information they are asking for.

What is CDM?

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) cover the management of health, safety and welfare when carrying out construction projects.

CDM regulations were introduced for the construction industry but were not widely enforced for temporary event sites until they were updated in 2015.

From 2015, the build and dismantle phase of an event are now classed as construction and therefore the regulations (in some form) will apply. This has practical implications for how you plan your event and what documents you need to produce as part of the safety planning process. For more information see our CDM help pages.

How do I build an event safety plan?

We provide 3 ways of building your event safety plan.

  1. Add a blank section where you can input your own heading and add your own information
  2. Duplicate a section from a previous safety plan you’ve written
  3. Add a template section from our safety plan templates

Our safety plan templates include section headings for different types of plan

  • Basic Site Construction Plan for simple small events or contractors working on a site managed by others. This is ideal for AV companies, set build contractors and other companies which ‘supply’ to the industry.
  • Basic Event Management Plan for running the live phase of an event
  • CDM Pre-Construction Plan for events being planned under CDM guidelines
  • CDM Construction Phase Plan for events being managed on site under CDM guidelines

Each heading includes help text to guide you through what information is commonly expected in that section.

Our CDM planning templates also assist you to produce safety plans in line with the new Construction & Design Management legislation being brought in by the health & safety executive in 2015.