Exporting Documents

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Exporting Documents

Export your documents using the export button on the projects page

ESP - Export Button

Title Page Information

On the export page you can edit the information that is included on the title page of the exported document.

Item Description
Title: Enter a title for your plan for your front page, for example ‘Construction Phase Plan’ or ‘Event Management Safety Plan’
Logo: Upload a logo for the front page of the plan
Author: Enter the name of the person who has been responsible for writing or coordinating the plan
Company: Enter the name of the company responsible for preparing the plan
Client: Enter the name of your client (if applicable)
Revised: Enter the revision date of the plan?
Version Enter what version of the plan this is. Remember to increment this number every time a change is made. You may also want to make a note of what changes you’ve made in each version as part of a safety plan section.

Plan Contents

Select the elements of the plan you want to include.

If you have duplicated safety plan sections or risk assessments from other projects but haven’t reviewed them then you will get a warning checking that you want to include them in your report. This is to stop you accidentally including assessments or information that is incorrect or not site specific in your safety plan.

You will also get a warning if you have incomplete risk assessments or empty safety plan sections.

You can’t export incomplete risk assessment templates so they won’t be included within your exported document.

Terms and Conditions

This is a reminder of some of the terms you agreed to as part of our sign up process and is also a reminder that a safety plan is only as effective as it’s implementation. If you have any questions or are unsure about your legal responsibilities then please contact us.


Once you have entered all of your information, click ‘Export as PDF’ to process your safety plan.

Our servers will process your information into a safety plan PDF and email you when the process is complete. For large safety plans including a lot of images this process may take a couple of minutes.

When the process is complete you will get an email that your safety plan is available for download in the downloads area of the export page.Safety Plan Downloads

Trial Users

Trial users will have a watermark on their exported safety plan, to remove this please take out a subscription and then re-export your document.