Project & Safety Plan Management

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Creating a new project

When you first log into Event Safety Plan you’ll be taken to your projects page.

Use the new project button to create a new project

You’ll be asked to enter some basic project details that will be used for search purposes, and in the headings when you export your documents.

ESP - New Project Screen

Project Name – This will be the name that your project is displayed under in Event Safety Plan, it will also be used in your exported documents.

Client – This will be used for searching your projects and in your exported documents.

Venue – This will be used for searching your projects and in your exported documents.

Event Open Date – This will be used for searching your projects and in your exported documents.

Creating your first Safety Plan

Each project is like a folder that can contain a number of safety plans, these might be for different phases of a project or for different areas of a site.

You can either start a safety plan from scratch or duplicate an existing one.



Duplicating a safety plan from the projects page

You can also duplicate an existing safety plan on the project management page by clicking the Duplicate Safety Plan’ button.

ESP - Duplicate project button

Editing an existing safety plan’s details

To edit the safety plan name or other details once it’s been created, click the Edit Safety Plan button to take you to the safety plan edit screen.

ESP - Project Edit

Deleting a safety plan

You can delete a safety plan by clicking the Edit Safety Plan button and clicking the ‘Delete Safety Plan’ link at the bottom. Please note this is permanent and can’t be undone!

Deleting a project

To delete a project, you need to delete all the safety plans contained within it.