Duplicating Risk Assessments

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Duplicating a risk assessment

ESP - Duplicate RA

Step 1 – Choose your project

Choose a project to duplicate risk assessment sections from using the search box. The default is set to the current project to allow you to duplicate existing risk assessment i.e for different phases of a project.

Start typing the name of the project that you want to duplicate safety sections from and then select it.

To view all your projects then type All Projects.

Step 2 – Select risk assessments

Select the risk assessments that you want to duplicate into your current project. You can select risk assessments from multiple projects.

As you select sections they drop down to the bottom of the page into the green box, if you wish to unselect them then just click the heading in the Selected Risk Assessment area and they will return to their original project.

Step 3 – Duplicate

When you’ve made your selections, click the Duplicate Risk Assessments button to import them into your project.

Note: You will be prompted to review any information that you duplicate from another project to ensure that it’s appropriate and relevant to your new project.

ESP - Duplicate RAs go

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