Risk Assessment Management

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Risk assessments page

The projects page shows the last 6 safety plan sections to have been created or edited. To access all your risk assessments and reorder them go to the risk assessments page by clicking on the links.

ESP - Access Risk Assessments


To quickly find the risk assessment you are looking for, use the search box to filter down the safety plan headings.

You can sort the safety plan headings alphabetically, by document order or by the last modified date.

Reorder risk assessments

You can reorder your risk assessments by dragging and dropping each section into order. They will be exported into your safety plan document in the document order number.

ESP RA Number

Switch between Tile & List layout

You can switch between the tile and list layout using this tool.

Switch between tile and list

Delete risk assessment

Delete risk assessments by clicking the red delete button. Be aware that this is permanent and can’t be undone.

ESP-Delete RA

Edit an existing risk assessment

Click the green edit button to edit a risk assessment


Creating a new risk assessment

Hovering over the ‘New Risk Assessment’ brings up 3 options for creating a new risk assessment.

Create a new risk assessment – Creates a new risk assessment for you to write from scratch. See the step-by-step help section for more information.

Duplicate existing sections – Allows you to duplicate risk assessments from previous projects and from the template project. See the duplication step-by-step help section for more information.

Template assessments – Allows you to import risk assessment templates for a common event scenarios into your project. Note these need to be completed before they can be included within the export. See the risk assessment template step-by-step help for more information.