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Team Templates

Team Admins can manage the templates for their teams. These are accessed on the projects page.

Team templates

Templates are what Team Users access when they use the safety plan template, risk assessment template or supporting document template tools. Any items you create in the templates project appears when users select to Add Template to their projects.


Template Safety Plan Sections

Template safety sections can be managed in the same way as standard projects. The order in which they are arranged in the safety plan management page dictates the order in which they appear in the templates list.

Template Headings

Choose which template heading your safety plan section is going to appear under. This can be one of our default CDM headings or your own template heading, for example ‘Outdoor Event’ or ‘Warehouse’. A safety plan section template can be a part of just one or many plans.


Pre filled information

You can enter in information that you want to be pre filled in the safety plan box when someone duplicates the template. For example this could be your company’s health & safety policy or some generic information.


Help Text

This is the help text that you can use to prompt your users about what information they should fill into the plan.


Template Risk Assessments

Risk assessments can be created and managed in the same way as you would do any standard project.

The main difference is the control measures in step 3. To allow control measures to be created as tick boxes for users to select which controls are appropriate you have to list your control measures as a bullet point list as shown below.

Note: Any control measures not written in a bullet point list will not appear in the template. 



Template Supporting Documents

Template supporting documents are available to all user accounts to add to their safety plans, it’s a tool for adding standard or generic documents easily to safety plans.

Examples of template supporting documents could include company insurance policies, MEWP licenses of company employees or the company site induction.