Our Philosophy

Health & safety is a collaborative process that should positively contribute to the smooth running of any project. With proper planning, health & safety shouldn’t become a hindrance but instead help project teams foresee issues and implement solutions before they jeopardise an event.


We believe that our primary role is not to write people’s paperwork for them, but empower & train people to manage health & safety within their own organisation.

Safety planning & management should never just be a paperwork exercise. Implementing a safe system of work helps protect people from injury and an organisation from financial & legal penalties.

The danger of asking an external advisor to write generic paperwork for an entire organisation is that it is rarely site specific to a project and is rarely read or effectively implemented by the teams delivering the work onsite. The project teams leading the project need to contribute and lead the safety planning to ensure that the risks involved are properly understood and effective control measures are implemented.

Where appropriate we can offer project specific support, but we will always try and do this alongside supporting and developing the internal team skills, understanding and experience.

  • Safety Evaluation

    Start with our safety management evaluation where we audit your current safety management processes and identify any areas where you may not be compliant with current legislation, or could improve your safety management practice.

  • Building a Safe System of Work

    We can work with your teams to ensure that your organisation has a safe system of work in place for both the work done on company property and projects undertaken on site. We can help build resources for your team including site inductions, checklists and CDM 2015 safety plan templates.

  • Your Safety Advisor

    We offer a range of retained safety advisor packages where we work with your teams to offer telephone support for safety questions or queries and periodically check on your organisation’s safety management plans to ensure they are suitable and sufficient.

  • Projects Safety Advisor

    Need help on a big project? Need some expertise in a specialist area like temporary demountable structures or crowd management? Our network of safety advisors can work alongside your team to help you write your safety plans and supervise safety onsite.


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