Coronavirus Covid-19 information for event planners

Covid-19 event safety for event planners

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It is likely that many event planners are looking for answers about when the events industry might recover – but when it does, what will be required of event organisers, promoters, event managers and event companies to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the staff, customers and contractors.

The events industry has been somewhat decimated by the current Coronavirus pandemic – the very thought of bringing together small or large groups of people is (as of writing) almost entirely out of the question.

As event safety advisors to many different types of events we are working with all of our clients to plan their way through the current crisis and to help ensure that they are prepared to run their events safely and securely for the short, medium and long term.

We have pulled together a number of resources and split them into sections below – some of these are advice that we have developed internally based on what we know now – others are information and resources we have sourced from around the internet.

We are working to update this information with relevant articles and guidance specifically with relation all considerations around planning event safety around Coronavirus Covid 19 – no matter what sort of event you are planning. If you know of anything else that might be useful, please free to let us know and drop us an email

Coronavirus Covid-19 Information for Event Planners