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Coronavirus event safety risk assessments

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As we move ever closer to the lifting of some Coronavirus restrictions, consideration will start to be given to how we, as an industry can operate our events safely – keeping our staff, cast, crew, contractors and customers safe. At EventSafetyPlan we’ve started to think about what Coronavirus event safety risk assessments might look like.

Risk Assessments – Staff

Thoughts should be given to keeping your staff safe. The risks to them are catching the virus from each other or from your customers. Many organisations (such as supermarkets) with front line staff (interacting with the public) are reducing this risk through the use of screens at counters / tills, having customers stand in certain places and offering event safety PPE to their staff.

In addition thought should be given to the rules that staff have to work to – social distancing within an office environment (for example an onsite production office), when working together (consider working teams in small groups and have them not interact with other teams), or when undertaking inductions, signing into sites or during crew catering.

Risk Assessments – Audience

Another consideration for your Coronavirus event safety risk assessments are your audience – as well as working to ensure that their perception is that you have done all you can to keep them safe, there are practical considerations as well.

If you are putting rules in place on your site, you will need to communicate these to your audience members as well – if they have to bring a mask with them, or must not attend if they have been ill previously (or have symptoms now) then you need to communicate this in advance.

You will need to consider methods for queuing, how you keep you audience 2m apart from each other and how high-usage areas such as toilets or catering facilities are cleaned to a suitable standard (and with suitable protocols in place).

Other information

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Last updated by Rob Haworth on 30 April 2020