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How to make events Covid Secure

In this article we’ll look at how to make events Covid Secure to ensure compliance with the latest English Law and Government Guidance.

COVID-Secure – what does it mean?

If you can’t have everyone working from home to efficiently run your business, the government has released guidance to help you ensure you are COVID-Secure – i.e. a demonstration that you have considered and implemented measures to make your workplace as safe as is reasonably practicable for your staff, in the context of COVID-19.

The three principles of being COVID-Secure in the workplace appear to be:

Social Distancing

Where possible keep people 2m apart. If that isn’t realistic, 1m apart is acceptable with mitigation measures in place such as installing screens or floor markings to designate work areas, having people work side by side instead of face by face and limiting the movement of people around the workplace. 

Note that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland may have slightly different requirements. 

Cleaning & Hygiene

Maintaining stringent cleaning schedules is an important element of making your workplace COVID-Secure as the virus can travel easily from surface to surface and therefore between people who touch the same things in a work area.  Ensure the routine of regular hand washing and hand sanitising is instilled in all employees.

Face Covering & Masks

Face coverings do not protect workers from hazardous substances present in the workplace such as chemicals and dust – people working in environments with these things present should be given suitable PPE, including masks, specific to these hazards.   However simple face coverings may have some benefit as a barrier against airborne water particles / may serve as a simple defence against potentially virus-contaminated saliva spray from coughing or talking. 

In addition to the three key areas above, the government guidance for COVID-Secure events reminds employers they should:

  • Update their company (/project) risk assessments to account for managing the COVID-19 risk to their staff and business. This should outline the measures they have identified and will implement that can protect people from harm.
  • Consult workers on potential changes; ask for opinions from the people that actually do the work and are in the environment daily, 
  • Educate all members of staff on the new procedures.
  • Create a supportive environment for anyone who can continue to work from home; ensure they have the equipment they need and keep in regular contact with them.
  • Be aware if you have vulnerable members of staff and knowledgeable of how to protect them. Information can be found here.
  • Specific industry guidance can also be found here

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