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5 event safety factors to consider when taking your event abroad

Organising and working at an event overseas is an exciting and memorable experience. It represents a unique opportunity to engage with your attendees, meet business objectives and provide an impactful experience for all. Inevitable it also comes with many challenges that require careful consideration to ensure its success. Paramount to this is the wellbeing of individuals, compliance to local regulations and flexibility due to the dynamic nature of events, especially those in an unfamiliar location.

Here are our top five tips for creating that perfect event abroad:

1. Local Regulations

One of the most important considerations are the relevant event health and safety regulations of your host country. Local legislation will undoubtable vary from what it mandated in your own country, so it is vital your event safety plan accounts for local requirements and laws. What might be permissible in the UK may be prohibited abroad and vice versa. Be prepared and regularly communicate with local authorities and professionals to make sure you have all your health and safety ducks in a row. Additionally, remain flexible and adapt plans as needed based on a potentially evolving situation.

2. Language and Culture

It is essential to consider how potential language barriers and cultural differences may affect your event. Communication is key in our business, especially when it comes to safety. Having a few common words or phrases under your belt can really help and shows a willingness to engage with local people. When on site, providing information in multiple languages, using multilingual staff and using clear and concise signage with internationally recognised symbols will ensure everyone is on the same page. It is also vital to familiarise yourself with cultural customs, traditions and etiquette. This forges good relationships with the local people you will be working with and aides your understanding of attitudes to health and safety practices. Avoid scheduling your event during any local holidays or events that may adversely affect attendance or present logistical challenges.

3. Weather and Environmental Conditions

One of the events industry’s main concerns will always the weather! Here in the UK, the great British weather is changeable enough, but abroad there may well be more extreme climates to think about. If you want to have your event outdoors this will inevitably need extra caution and a solid backup plan for inclement weather. Be proactive in keeping an eye on the weather coming up to your event, plan for local climate conditions and implement measures to address extreme temperatures, rain or other weather-related challenges.

4. Safety and Security

It goes without saying that ensuring the safety of your attendees is imperative. Collaborate with local authorities, law enforcement and security services to ensure robust security measures are put in place. Be aware of any safety standards of the host country and policies of the specific venue that may need extra consideration. Prior to your event obtain relevant permits, insurances, risk assessments, method statements and produce an event safety management plan. We at ESP are here to support your team to ensure you are fully compliant with all safety aspects, from planning and licensing, through to full onsite heath and safety support.

5. Emergency and Medical

A comprehensive emergency response plan at any event is an absolute must. As is ensuring you have appropriate level of medical coverage. This will include ensuring there are well-equipped medical facilities and first aid stations onsite. Develop a thorough evacuation plan with multiple exits and assembly points. Event staff need to be trained in emergency response procedures and first aiders will need to be identified. Coordinate with local emergency services and hospitals to ensure a rapid response to any incidents.

By thoroughly considering these factors, you can plan a successful and memorable event abroad. Keeping you and your staff in the know & as safe as possible.