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Volunteering at Events, festivals, concerts and more

Volunteering at a festival, concert or other type of event has a great number of benefits to the volunteer, the charity that they represent and the event organiser.  

For the Volunteer

Working at a volunteer at an event is a great way to get experience – especially if you want to work professionally within the events industry.  Many people who work in events started by undertaking some volunteer work.  It’s also a good way to meet new people, travel around the country and experience different events (often you can visit the event on your ‘off’ time.

For the Charity

Event organisers will make a payment to the charity who are bringing the volunteers – this is a way to raise money for their fundraising activities – think of it that you are donating your time, and that the organiser is donating the money to pay for that time.

For the Organisers

Organisers can get a great group of people, working at their event, whilst also supporting a charity by making a payment for those services.

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